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The Broadcast Takeover

The writer's platform has to grow in as many ways as possible

Television is an increasingly important area for writers and the publishing industry generally.  As the book market becomes ever more competitive, the writer’s platform has to grow in as many ways as possible… and one of the biggest platforms out there is TV.  That’s why tonight’s show is so important.

The Broadcast Takeover is a special edition of The Naked Book, looking at the publishing world through the eyes of the television industry.  Hosted by Broadcast editor Lisa Campbell, our guests include:

*  Distinguished BBC drama executive Lisa Osborne, producer of Little Dorrit, South Riding, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, The Last Days of Lehman Brothers – and many other widely-acclaimed shows;

*  Anne Elletson, producer of The Booker Prize Live and currently producer at BSkyB’s The Book Show;

*  And independent producer Barry Ryan, executive producer of Martina Cole’s Lady Killers, Super Sleuths, and a two decades of quality shows through his production company, Free@LastTV.

Our expert panel offer essential advice for authors, publishers and agents hoping to get their books on TV – another unmissable Naked Book!

Tonight’s show is co-hosted by Catherine Neilan, with our regular host Philip Jones reporting from the chat room.  Whatever next?  Tune in in two weeks’ time to find out!  Click here to pop it in your diary

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