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Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby

Launching a virtual world, ahem, ‘experience’, it’s easy street. Just ask Pottermore’s Charlie Redmayne who revealed exclusively on The Naked Book that his site had shifted £1m worth of Harry Potter e-books after three days.

But don’t be fooled. As Anna ‘not virtual’ Rafferty, m.d. of Penguin Digital, explained – launching a web-world is like giving birth: and at the end of it all you have is a baby, a living, breathing, squealing, e-rganism, that needs nurturing, feeding and Attention.

But that not’s putting off Christian Dorffer, chief commercial officer & co-founder of Mindshapes, whose digital world Magic Town is currently in open beta. “Magic Town will provide a new channel for kids to enjoy favourite picture books. And re-energise old brands,” said Dorffer. “We built @magictown to take local brands global.”

But are you experienced Christian? You’d better be. Let’s ask Charlie, who spoke to us from a cupboard before the show.

“It’s not a virtual world, it’s an experience.” And anyway, it is “brilliant”. Already.

Just ask the legions of Potter-maniacs who are hanging off every rumour.

Tweeted The Owl, desperately: “Can someone tell me what #thenakedbook is? I need help on this…”


Stay tuned. There literally is Pottermore to come. And it’s a whopper.

Presented by Philip Jones, deputy editor of The Bookseller aided and abetted by Sam Missingham and Catherine Neilan corralling the chat room.

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