Blown Out of Proportion: Misadventures of a Glassblower in France by Rachel Caldecott

Glassblower, Chris Thornton, falls in love with the summer dawn over southern France’s vineyards, while his long-suffering wife falls in love with a bush.

Braving scorpion-filled hovels, eccentric local characters, corrupt politicians, and traumatic legal battles, they attempt to establish a glassblowing studio in an impoverished, sleepy little town.

This poignant, humourous memoir is the unique tale of their dogged determination to succeed against all odds.

If you love Stephen Clarke’s, A Year in The Merde, or Susie Kelly’s – In Foreign Fields, How Not to Move to France, you’ll love Blown Out of Proportion.

Published by Rachel Thornton

Reviews & Endorsements

“Not your usual moving abroad memoir, Blown out of Proportion will have you hanging on the edge of your seat and wondering if truth really is stranger than fiction.” – Lisa Rose Wright, Author of Writing Home (2 Book Series)

“In this humorous, easy-to-read tale about the adventures and disasters of a family moving to France, Rachel Caldecott brings locations and characters to life in her writing, and you feel like you are living her trials and celebrations with her as you read along. Recommended.” – Simon Michael Prior, author of The Coconut Wireless.