Blackened Rose by Cage Dunn

Meet the man who works the night to find the price of a soul.
He’s the shady negotiator, the man who deals with problems no one else can. Or will.
The price? More than the weight of a soul.
Liana Benit has reached the stage where she’ll try anything. Anyone. But at what cost?
Or maybe the Black is taking on something beyond even his skills …

A Contemporary Speculative Neo Noir Urban Fantasy novel set in Melbourne, Australia

Published by CS Dunn

Reviews & Endorsements reviews

… The Blackened Rose is hard to classify, but very enjoyable to read, even for someone as pragmatic as me. Highly recommended.

… This is an intriguing read, but it’s not a light one. Dunn’s staccato writing style creates tension which balances nicely with believable detail.