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The Bar Stool Preachers – Live

They’re our Indie Band of the Year, and they’re live in the studio!

They won our coveted track of the year award on our last show, and now the Bar Stool Preachers are playing live in the Hungry & Hunted studio.

The hot young Brighton band are as bracing as a 6am plunge in the English Channel.

Influenced by 2-Tone and streetpunk, the Preachers are in the vanguard of the new south coast sound that is as passionate as it is authentic and melodic. A proper alternative to mainstream pop pap.

Other great bands this edition include Alan McGee’s new signing Alias Kid who are latest of Manchester’s swaggering terrace pop likely lads. Will they follow Oasis into the charts? McGee certainly thinks so.

  • On Trial, Reading punks with brains and punch
  • Christine ‘Sugary’ Staple, with her ‘Original Rude Girl Sound’
  • New Hampshire’s granite-hard Iron Chin, where streetpunk meets arena rock
  • Punk veterans Sonny Vincent & Spite, including members of the Damned, the Sex Pistols and the Stooges
  • Glasgow’s boisterous Amphetameanies who marry 2-Tone with 1977 energy and backstreet attitudes.
  • New Mod heroes The Spitfires from Watford
  • X-Ray Junction from mid-Wales with their addictive brand of melodic punk
  • Adelaide’s ballsy indie-punks Young Offenders
  • Prins Carl from Sweden, who have been described as Cock Sparrer meet Perkele
  • UK punk veterans The Boys currently enjoying a creative second wind
  • The Crunch with their blend of sinewy power pop and top drawer musicianship
  • Hard-hitting Texan streetpunks Sniper 66
  • And the extraordinary Pimpmane with his fresh and endearingly bonkers ‘Swag’ sound.

This is are the sound of the streets, the poison in the pop machine. Can you take it?

Alias Kid

Alias Kid

Only six months after forming, Manchester band Alias Kid were signed to 359 Music by industry mogul Alan McGee. The band fuses 60’s style anthems with an eclectic mix of influences from the 1970’s to the present day, creating a sound that is at once familiar and yet still unique.
Alias Kid have recently joined the roster of the iconic Creation Management, home to The Jesus and Mary Chain andWilko Johnson. The band recorded their debut album in The Gorbals Sound Ltd Studios in Glasgow with Paul Quinn (Teenage Fanclub/Soup Dragons) and Kevin Burleigh (Glasvegas/Simple Minds).
In under a year as a band, Alias Kid have risen from obscurity to headline shows in Manchester and Liverpool, secured national airplay on XFM and have won plaudits from those within the music industry, many of whom are touting Alias Kid for huge success in 2015.

Dirty Soul


Christine 'Sugary' Staple

Christine 'Sugary' Staple

Original Rudegirl Christine Sugary Staple, from London’s East End meets the Original Rudeboy, Neville Staple from Coventry and the Specials!

Mix Sugary’s energetic, fun song writing and vocals with Neville’s neat production skills (and guest vocals) and you have a rude, stomping party hit song!

Original Rudegirl Sound

Iron Chin

Iron Chin

A relatively new band comprised of veteran musicians from the New England punk scene, the most notable being Joel Paul of the Uprisers and Dan Connors of The Bruisers!

Live Free Or Die With Your Boots On

Daily Aftermath

Sonny Vincent & Spite

Sonny Vincent & Spite

Line Up: Sonny Vincent – Testors – Vocals and Guitar Rat Scabies – The Damned – Drums Glen Matlock – Sex Pistols – Bass Steve Mackay – Stooges – Sax

OUT NOW on CD, LP, limited colored LP Collectors package including limited record bag available from the Label!

Three years in the making, four RocknRoll bastards get together to fuck shit up. Totally on fire, call the motherfucking fire department now, these bastards have a vengeance!

The kick ass songs are not playable in police stations, the freedom bell frenzy is banging way too loud. Strap yourself in for a wild ride that takes you from a dark alleyway to a far away planet of Love and mercurial radiance.

Warning: some tracks are not recommended for children or folks with heart conditions. It’s ugly, it’s beautiful, it hates, it loves, and it’s “Spiteful”.

“I like to go wild, and have a good time, but I can also be very focused and serious. I am not the type to go around giving fake hippie hugs to people. If I say something, I mean it. I appreciate ‘soul’. I know this album will deliver some to you.”
– Sonny

The Amphetameanies

The Amphetameanies

The Amphetameanies are an unlikely alliance of Glaswegian scooter boys, punker girls and indie kids, united by beer, fags and 2Tone…

Say Something Special

The Spitfires

The Spitfires

The Spitfires new single ‘Stand Down’ will be released on Limited 7” Vinyl and Download on Monday 2nd March on their own Catch 22 label.
The Spitfires hail from Watford and have been writing and gigging since 2012. The band is led by archetypal front-man Billy Sullivan, spitting real lyrics based on real experiences of growing up in Watford over classically written pop songs The Spitfires have previously released three critically acclaimed singles (Spark to Start, Tell Me and I’m Holdin’ On) and gigged extensively at home and abroad. They have made fans new and old alike immerse themselves in the raucous and electric live show the band spit off of the stage. This incredible live reputation has led them to previously support The Specials at London’s iconic Roundhouse and to being personally invited by Paul Weller to support him in on his UK tour in March.
‘Stand Down’ was recorded at CDS Studios in Chelmsford, produced by Tom Pullen, and mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios. The track bundles into three minutes, Billy’s outlook on further education as being the be all and end all of a 21st century teenager’s life.
‘Stand Down’ is the first track to be released ahead of their as yet untitled debut album, which is slated for summer 2015. Full details TBC.

Stand Down

X-ray Junction

 X-ray Junction

…Band from Wild hills of Mid-Wales,X-ray Junction first formed as teenagers,in the mid 80’s,but with no wisdom,Tim the singer moved away to Brighton,and the band split…After years of little,or no contact,Tim found himself,moving back to them hills…met up with the lads,in May 2013,and reformed the band…Now,going from strength to strength,X-ray Junction,are banging out some amazing tunes…History is in the making….

Lost and Found

Young Offenders

Young Offenders

Young Offenders recently supported Californian punk icons The Dead Kennedys on their 2014 Australian tour to which they got great reviews…

“Opening act Young Offenders hit the stage around 8PM. Emerging band on the Adelaide music scene; but suitably seasoned and shit-sharp: in a snot-nosed, spring-loaded, blisteringly punk live performance that very much holds its own. In a sound? Think a cross between The Clash, The Ramones, Green Day, perhaps a dash of The Specials and The Living End.

Songs are suitably varied, inspired and frequently rife with uber-catchy/shouty choruses. And by the looks of the enthusiastic crowd flailing up front ever more energetically towards the end of their set? They might just have won some new fans here too.”


Broken Records

Prins Carl

After two albums (“New Order”, 2011 and “No Mercy”, 2012) again there is a sign of life out of Vasteras, Sweden. Heartfelt, midtempo singalong Oi!/ Street Punk like PERKELE meets COCK SPARRER and rumblin’ HEADACHE-East Coast Oi!sters (HEADWOUND, LIMECELL). Rough vocals, catchy melodies, drivin’ Bootboy beat. English lyrics with honest sympathy for class struggle, trade union work (“Power in the Union” in the historical-classical sense) etc. Released in global co-operation with BANDWORM/SPIRIT OF THE STREETS (Germany), POINK (Germany) and COW (Sweden) in a edition of 250 copies in solid red vinyl.

Power in the Union

Sniper 66

Sniper 66

REBEL SOUND is here with the latest album from Austin’s own SNIPER 66! These street punk masterminds are displaying their talents on their second album called “Caput Lupinum”. This is the first time this album has been available on vinyl and REBEL SOUND only made 250 units. This bad boy comes with a printed innersleeve, a poster and was only made in ‘Blood Red’ and ‘Gold’ Half-N-Half with ‘Black’ splatter. SNIPER 66 will be at Punk Rock Bowling this year before wandering around other parts of the US creating chaos. Until then, hit up REBEL SOUND for your copy today!

No Substance



I’m a artist with my own style, make my own music. Music is my favorite sport I eat sleep and shit. And doing rapping while I’m doing both. I make my music for the world not just for me. I’m not trying to be better then nobody I’m just trying to be the best of me. I’m trying to make people feel better bout their self and trying to succeed in life at what I love. My style of music is called swag rapping listen and you can tell the difference…

Bounce Dat

Bar Stool Preachers

Bar Stool Preachers

The Bar Stool Preachers are a brand new band out of Brighton town. Blending 2-Tone and Street Punk in a way that no other bands seem to be doing right now, they’ve played a small number of gigs in the South of England and are gearing up to play shows up and down the country soon. With 2 singles out on YouTube being watched and shared across Europe and the rest of the world, The Bar Stool Preachers are gaining a real momentum, and they can’t wait to bring their music to more people everywhere.

One Fool Down

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