Bad People by Max Morpheus

‘Bad People’ is the 1st Novel of Skulk Rock.

It’s also the 1st novel of “click and listen fiction’. There are another 2 volumes now, completing the “Skulk Rock’ trilogy.

Bad People

The Sidewinder


The novels are unique insofar as they include songs. Indeed the plot encompasses musicians and songwriters and includes insights into the process of songwriting, as well as being a ‘Thriller’ with elements of ‘Road’, ‘Romance’, ‘Science’ and ‘Supernatural’. The songs maybe clicked into by the reader, in context, as they occur in the grand sweep of the novels(s). There are over 100 original songs occurring within the plot. It’s the trilogy that never stops giving.

‘Bad People’ is now available as a full professionally narrated (by the great Nathan E Bradshaw) audiobook. This is on Audible and linkable from the Amazon site.

It’s all one big Rock and Roll fairytale.

Just self-published books on Amazon – I’m not sure that will count for this but – worth a try. The novels kick the crap out of Richard Osman!

Reviews & Endorsements


Absorbing storyline with interesting and well developed characters. You really feel you are there experiencing what’s happening; always the sign of a good book. The tension builds as the plot unfolds and I couldn’t put the book down.
The songs that go with it are quite exceptional and greatly add to the book. Really neat idea.
Highly recommend this – you won’t be disappointed.

G Armstrong:

This book is very difficult to put down, with an unpredictable story line.

P Brigham:

Poetry and music with an underlying plot , always loved the authors lyrics and bands. A bit different from the norm. Read it and see , listen on Bandcamp.

Andy Fraser:

This is a great book for all musicians to read. It is an often funny and endearing adventure centred on an interesting and diverse group of rock musicians. Anyone who has travelled in America will immediately be immersed in the scenery and culture of the western USA. Non stop crime and gigs and a bit of wacky science thrown in. The book is a fitting sequel to ‘Bad People’. The music at the end of each chapter adds to the mood and story. Give it a go, you will love it.

There are several songs included, which is innovative,and if read on a tablet means the songs can be played as they appear in the plot.