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Peter Cox

Thank You So Much!

I just want you to know that your very kind donation has been received.  Litopia and Radio Litopia are no longer inexpensive operations to fund – we have a little advertising income (although we have to be a bit fussy about the sort of advertising we accept) but apart from that, we’re very dependent on the generosity of people such as yourself to keep going.

I love Litopia, and I love feeling that the things we do here may help the writers of tomorrow in large or small ways… and of course, I hope that our shows are stimulating, entertaining and sometimes thought-provoking.

The future for writers and writing is by no means clear.  I do believe, though, that whatever the future turns out to be, and wherever it may lie… we’ll find out about it here first.

Thank you for expressing your appreciation – I hope that you will long remain a part of our extended internet family!

All my best,