After every Radio Litopia show is aired live, it’s saved as a free MP3 file and added to our podcast. If you have iTunes, you can get all our shows free and automatically!
Watch this short video to give you an idea of how this works… it’s really simple!
Still got questions? No problem – we’re here to help. Here are the most common questions… and their answers…

“I Want To Listen Right Now!”

Good news – you’re just one click away from listening to Radio Litopia!

First, you obviously need a computer with speakers. Then all you need do is to click on one of the players below – depending on whether your computer is a PC or a Mac.

windows Media Player Windows Media Player. Works on all Windows computers.

QuickTime Quicktime.  Works on all Mac computers.

Winamp Winamp.  Works on Windows & Android. Freeware & shareware. Download it here.

Real Player Real Player. Works on both Windows and Macs. Free & paid versions. Download it here.

The rather amazing VideoLAN Player (VLC) also works on PCs, Macs and Linux – and it’s free. Download it here, then go to “Media / Open Network Stream…” and paste in this address:

Easy, isn’t it!  What you’re listening to now is our live stream.

“I Want To Choose Which Show To Listen To!”

Listening to the live stream is great – it’s just like traditional radio. But there’s an even better way to listen.

Let’s say you want to choose which particular show to listen to. For the sake of this example, let’s say it’s the episode of Litopia After Dark entitled “Stick ‘Em Up, Punk – We’re The Fun-Loving Storytellers” (that was a pretty good show!).  Click on that link now – it’ll open in a new window.

At the top of the show notes, you’ll see a picture that looks rather like a “Play” button (that’s because it is a “Play” button…).


Now, what do you think would happen if you were to click it?


So now you know how to listen to both the Radio Litopia live stream, and how to instantly listen to any show at all on our site (and there are hundreds!).

But wait – there’s more (and the good news is, it doesn’t get more complicated).

We want you to enjoy our shows wherever you want, whenever you want.

You may not want to constantly come back to this website just to listen to a show.  You may be in bed… or up the Zambezi… or 35,000 feet up in the air.  Well, you can listen to Radio Litopia in all of those places, and more.

Read on!

“I Want To Choose When, Where & What I Listen To”

Of course you do – we hear you.  And in just a few moments, you’ll be hearing us!

Just like any other radio station, Radio Litopia is available as a live stream 24 hours a day.  But unlike most other radio stations, all our shows are freely available for you to download and take with you on whatever player you have.

In this section, we’ll show you exactly how to do this.  In the next section, we’ll tell you how you can listen to our live stream on your cellphone or other device.

All our shows are available as individual podcasts.  So once you’ve subscribed to our podcast feed, you can pick and choose which shows to listen to.  Podcasts can fit into your lifestyle very easily.

Let’s start with some examples.

Listening On Your iPod

Let’s start with the iPod because it’s the world’s most popular mp3 player.  If you have an iPod, you’ll also have iTunes, Apple’s software (and remember, iTunes works on both Macs and Windows).

  1. Install iTunes if you haven’t already (download it here).
  2. Connect your iPod.
  3. Click on the iTunes store.
  4. Search for “Litopia”.
  5. Click on the “Subscribe” button.
  6. er, that’s it!

From on onwards, iTunes will automatically download the latest show from Radio Litopia for you to copy onto your iPod and listen to whenever – and wherever – you want. Sweet!

Listening On Any Other MP3 Player

There are lots of mp3 players, and lots of software to choose from.  But the basic idea as outlined above is exactly the same:

  • Install the software…
  • Connect your mp3 player…
  • And subscribe to our podcast feed.

Your mp3 player will come with instructions (and probably software) to help you download and listen to podcasts.  But just FYI, here are some popular, free podcast programs for you to use:  Juice, WinPodder, ZiePod and iPodderX.

In every case, you will need to do one important thing - to tell the software where to look for our podcast feed (iTunes does this automatically for you).

But… even that isn’t hard!  This is where our feed is:

You’ll need to copy that link and paste it when the software asks you where to find our feed.  After that, your podcasting software will automatically download all new programs from Radio Litopia to your computer as soon as they are released.

This should be pretty darn simple.  Just to make sure, let’s give you a couple of helpful examples.

Subscribing To Radio Litopia Using Juice

  1. From the menu bar select the “Tools” menu option and then select “Add a Podcast” (or hit ctrl+n on your keyboard)
  2. In the window that opens paste our podcast feed:
  3. Then select “Save”.
  4. After just a moment you’ll be subscribed! The newest show will appear in the “Episodes” area of the “Subscriptions” tab.
  5. To download this show immediately, from the menu bar select the “Tools” menu option and then select “Check All ” (or hit F5 on your keyboard) and it will begin downloading – subsequent episodes will download automatically after they are posted.

Manually Subscribing To Radio Litopia Using iTunes

The easiest way to subscribe with iTunes is described above.  But in addition, you can also subscribe manually, as follows.  This procedure is worth noting, because it basically covers the steps you need to take in any podcast application, and indeed any RSS feed reader.

  1. From the menu bar select the “Advanced” menu option and then select “Subscribe to Podcast…”
  2. In the window that opens paste the podcast feed:
  3. Then select “OK”
  4. After just a moment you’ll be subscribed to our Podcasts.

“I Want To Listen To Radio Litopia’s Live Stream – On My Cellphone”

Part of the joy of Radio Litopia is listening to live events as they happen – for example, listening to the weekly recording of Litopia After Dark, and participating in the chatroom with other listeners.

But what if you’re not in front of your computer at the time of the live event you want to hear?

Well, as long as you have a cellphone or other mobile device that’s capable of getting on the ‘net, you can hear our live stream just fine!

The free application Stitcher works on any mobile phone and carries Radio Litopia 24/7 – click here to go to our Stitcher home page and download the app for your phone.

Instructions for specific devices follow.

Listening On Your Blackberry

Listening On Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

On Apple’s hardware, you can listen to Radio Litopia with

You can also use good old iTunes to listen to us.  Go to the “Advanced” menu and select “Open Audio Stream…”.  Then paste the following URL into the box:

And you’re listening live!

Listening On Your Android

On an Android phone, you can listen to Radio Litopia with the free Android Online Radio (AOR) from Leadapps.

RadioTime has a free ad supported app called TuneIn Radio, available from the Android Market. If you dont’ want ads, they also have a $1.99 RadioTime app.

Wunder Radio is compatible with devices running Android 1.6 or newer.

Listening On Your Windows Mobile Device

Wunder Radio has a Windows Mobile version.

Listening On Your Nokia Phone

Use Nokia’s own Internet Radio Application.  If you don’t already have this installed on your phone, install the Nokia Ovi Suite, then install the Internet Radio Application.  You can manually add Radio Litopia by choosing “Add A Station” and filling in the details as follows:


Name: Radio Litopia

And Finally…

Here are some useful bits & pieces that don’t quite fit anywhere else!

Listening On Your TV

If you own a Roku box (originally for Netflix online streaming) then you can now listen to Radio Litopia and thousands of other radio stations on your Television. Roku has been adding applications to their box, and one of the new apps RadioTime can play Radio Litopia.

You do not need an account with RadioTime to use their Roku application. The RadioTime application can be found in the Roku channel store.

Download Our Shows To Any Cellphone

Most cellphones have their own RSS feed readers that you can use to subscribe to Radio Litopia’s feed: this is the best way to subscribe to our shows, because they automatically keep the feed up to date for you.  However, there may be times when this isn’t possible, in which case, browe on your cellphone to the following special web page, where you will be able to download our shows directly:

What is A Podcast?

If you’re a more visual than verbal person, here’s a 3-minute video that simply explains what podcasts are.  It’s a good, clear introduction.  If you already know what podcasts are, skip ahead to the next video below.


How To Use iTunes

This 2-minute video shows you what iTunes does (it will do a lot more than simply look after your podcasts) and explains how to download  & install it.


How to Subscribe to a Podcast With iTunes

The following video is a bit longer than the other – 9 minutes – and it does cover some of the same ground.  But it’s a clear and simple explanation.


Help Us Keep Up To Date

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