“Radio Star” Book Marketing Campaign

You’ve Launched Your Book – Now Make Sure It Keeps Selling

You’ve Launched Your Book.

Now Keep It Visible!

Whether you’re traditionally published or going it alone, the problem is always the same. How do you keep your back-list alive and promoted?

Litopia has an ingenious solution – the RADIO STAR BOOK MARKETING CAMPAIGN.

Designed specifically to keep books alive and noticed once they’ve had their fifteen minutes of fame. Think of it as a second act for your back-list.

Here’s how it works…

The “Radio Star”

Book Marketing Campaign



You choose the level of promotion your want, below. You receive a concentrated month of airplay. That’s right – every package gets a month’s airplay – across all our new shows.

But that’s just the start. Because – like your own backlist – Litopia’s shows go on and on. Today’s shows will be listened to – and watched – for years to come, increasing their audience numbers as the months go by (we have the data). Often, our most popular shows are those that are quietly notching up the downloads, month after month, year after year. And every download is an airplay for you and your writing.

Each one of our “Radio Star” Marketing Campaigns represents extraordinary promotional value. Order two or more campaigns to run simultaneously, and the sky’s the limit!



NOTE: The campaigns can be very successfully combined with each other, for example – the one-star campaign will work very effectively when purchased with the three-star campaign… this will give you the enhanced impact of having a short commercial plus a longer interview on each show we produce for an entire month!

The above campaigns are available ONLY to bona fide published writers. Commercial organizations should request our ratecard. All books and authors are subject to our acceptance. We reserve the right to reject books without providing a reason. PLEASE ensure you book this service well in advance – at least one month prior to campaign commencement is essential. If you are launching a new title, use our LAUNCHPAD package instead.

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